Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Visitors and Marshall Families,

Welcome to Marshall Elementary School!  As your principal, I am so excited to continue the good work that Marshall is known for.  The parents, students, families, and staff are a great team who are committed to working hard and accomplishing our best.  Being a close community is especially important, so please know my door is always open to you.  Call or email me any time you want to share your thoughts and ideas.  For those new to Marshall, here are a few details about our school.

Marshall Elementary School, located in Westminster, has an enrollment of approximately 450 students in grades TK-6. At Marshall, our diverse population is embraced, different cultural backgrounds are appreciated, and character development is encouraged.  

Marshall’s mission is to promote the goals of the District Strategic Plan. Our vision is that we are committed to preparing all students to be successful and responsible citizens who contribute and thrive in a diverse society. The Marshall staff is dedicated to the use of research-based instructional practices, and one of the pillars of our practice is collaboration.  Our teachers are committed to planning, analyzing, and reflecting on their instructional practice, and we have strong grade-level teams who are friends as well as colleagues.

Our school is dedicated to providing each student with a safe and orderly learning environment, a rigorous, challenging, and developmentally appropriate curriculum, and the support necessary to develop students with integrity and character. Thank you for being a supportive part of the Marshall team.

All the Best,

Mrs. Lorrie Klevos