Principal's Message

Dear Marshall Families,


Welcome to Marshall Elementary School!

I am honored to return to Marshall for my third year! Our school is excited to provide a quality learning experience for all students in an environment where teamwork, problem solving, responsibility, and respect are valued. Marshall staff members are proud of our students and the educational experiences we have to offer.  

At Marshall, we create an environment to where expectations are clear and consistent. Effort, as well as achievement, is celebrated always! Our most important responsibility to our students, parents and community is to create a safe and caring learning environment to where students understand that school is a place for learning. We aim to protect and nurture the uniqueness of each child, as well as his or her capacity for intellectual and social- emotional growth.

Our belief is that effective education results from a positive partnership of parents, students, community members, and staff members. This partnership is built on a strong foundation of commitment to student achievement and continues to grow with open communication between home and school. Parents set the tone for their children’s education by instilling the basic understanding that education and learning are important. 

You are a powerful influence in your children’s overall academic, socio-emotional, and lifelong success!

I would like to thank the many dedicated and supportive parents and community members who give their precious time to support our school. Thank you and I look forward to working with you and your children throughout the year.



Mrs. Dhillon